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A customizable, reusable conference template for Strategy Institute

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The Strategy Institute (SI) runs a large portfolio of prestigious events that provide exclusive interactive learning and networking for senior executives, business professionals, and government officials around the world. To market these events, they were using an outdated website template, that no longer fit with their prestigious, high-level brand and no longer met all the functionality needs of their business.

The Challenge

SI approached us with their unique need: Facilitating over 20 events each year, they needed to modernize their website template, giving it the up-to-date and professional feel that would appeal to the CEOs and high level execs who attend their event.

We set out to strategize, design and build SI a template that could be used over and over again, customized with unique content and branding for each event.

See the template in action:
Digital Talent Acquisition Strategies Summit

Big Data and Analytics Summit

Future of Pharma Marketing Summit

Why a template?

SI runs so many events, and each event has many unique components. That said, each event also had common elements. SI had a need for control over the look and feel of the template for good content flow, a professional and modern feel, and a simple backend for the site administrators. A templated approach to this site made the most sense. Here, we offered flexibility in specific areas; like colours, images, content, navigation items, logos, and custom integrations; while keeping a prestigious overall look and feel.

The template’s features

Customizable content for each event

Each event has its own marketing team, reaches a different audience, and has its own unique focus. We needed to build a template that gave the site admin the ability to customize the content for each event. Each template had it’s own:

Customizable branding for each event

Each event has it’s own custom branding, and we needed to reflect this in our design and build. In order to do so, we ensured that the template allowed for each event to have it’s own:

  • Custom colour scheme for buttons and accents; including a primary colour and an accent colour that is used throughout the template
  • The ability to customize the background colours for each section. By default, white and grey backgrounds are used but these can be edited for a scheme that may work better for the event’s brand.
  • An editable logo
  • Customizable buttons
  • Editable menu items and social media items to account for each event’s needs

Integrations (Pardot, notification emails, and more!)

A huge aspect of the these templates is the registration and sponsorship portions of the events – you can’t run an event without speakers, registrants and sponsors. In order for events to run, we needed each event to capture leads for each of these buckets, and siphon the leads to the right contact person for the event. To achieve this we focused on:

  • Integrating the site with Pardot – ensuring this integration can siphon to different Pardot forms, depending on the event
  • Unique contact info, sponsorship info, and speaker info for each event to highlight the right contact person for each of these
  • Unique forms for each event that capture leads and notifies the right person

An easy to use backend

If you’ve ever used a prebuilt theme, you know that that too many options can be a nightmare to work with. In building this custom template we wanted to focus on giving the admin just enough options to be able to make the edits they need, without overwhelming them. We did so by building the following:

  • Fixed page templates, organized into tabs and groups, and in the order of the page to streamline updates
  • The ability to turn on and off each section for easy layouts
  • The option for each section to have a white or grey background colour
  • Clear labelling on each tab and button in the backend so the admin clearly understands what it’s for

Training in the new backend

Being proud of the easy to use backend we built, we were excited to train SI’s website admin on how to use the backend. We provided training in 2 ways:

Post Lauch Support

Upon launch of the first event’s site, we handed over the files to SI to update the content for the next event. Throughout this process, we were on call with their team to quickly answer questions and jump on screen shares about how to update sections throughout the site. This helped streamline the process of building out events and provided them the know-how to set up their future events quickly and pain free.

Training Videos

We created short videos (2 – 5 minutes long) that went through the different sections of the site and how to update them in the new backend. These videos live online, so they are easy to find, and act as an easy training tool to hand over to new site admins who want to learn how to use different aspects of the template.

In Conclusion

The template we built for Strategy Institute’s events was easy to use, easy to update, looked professional, and really stepped up the overall excitement that SI’s events generate. We are really proud of this template and love seeing the template in use over and over again across each of their events!

See the template in action:
Digital Talent Acquisition Strategies Summit

Big Data and Analytics Summit

Future of Pharma Marketing Summit


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