Creating Waxon’s Shopify Site


WAXON Laser & Waxbar


Small Business


  • User Experience Design
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Shopify

WAXON Laser & Waxbar is Canada’s #1 hair removal destination, but they had a classic website issue – their website did not properly communicate their #1 spot and was limiting their ability to grow. We were approached by WAXON to see what we could do.

After a deep discovery with their team, it was clear that three items needed to be addressed:

  1. The style of the new site needed updating to reflect their brand and the stores themselves.
  2. WAXON needed an easy-to-use backend interface so they could make changes to site as needed.
  3. With their growing product line, WAXON needed a strong e-commerce component to showcase their products.

A fresh start

First up was tackling the look and feel of the new site. WAXON’s old site was heavy on grey tones and was at odds with their store branding. If you walk into a WAXON Laser & Waxbar, you’re greeted by bright, welcoming tones, and a clean, professional atmosphere. The staff are friendly and cheerful. The colour palette consists of a clean white, a professional light grey and a strong accent of a vibrant yellow.

Interior of a Waxon laser & waxbar
Interior of a WAXON laser & waxbar

Working with designer Sara Yong, we presented WAXON with three distinct prototypes to choose from to showcase the visual elements that would make up the new site. After careful consideration, WAXON chose a prototype that would act as the basis for the rest of the site. A new, fresh, and inviting tone was set.

Example of a prototype for Waxon
Example of a prototype for WAXON

With the base chosen, Sara was able to design the rest of the pages for WAXON. The new designs reflect the in-store environment, and provide a consistent customer experience across in-store and online.

Enter Shopify

With our designs in hand it was now time to tackle the remaining two goals – an easy-to-update site that supported an e-commerce component.

Knowing that a strong e-commerce component was key to growing WAXON’s online business, the decision was made to build the site in Shopify. Our reasoning behind this was as follows:

Example of the backend interface of Shopify
Example of the backend of Shopify

We went about purposely developing the site in a way that would allow WAXON to easily edit content as needed. Specific blocks were created for individual sections on the site, each with their own role and content requirements.

Once these blocks were developed, we created documentation in the form of video training. By providing this setup and training to go along with it, WAXON’s internal team would be able to quickly and easily make changes to their site, without the need for developers.

An E-Commerce Heart

The main selling point of Shopify is the ability to sell products online within its all-in-one environment. Without a doubt, we believe Shopify has the best e-commerce solution on the market. By leveraging Shopify’s e-commerce backend, WAXON is now able to easily add products, adjust inventory and process transactions all from one interface. Products can be grouped into collections, featured on the homepage and linked in a ‘related products’ block.

Example of Shopify’s product interface
Frontend view of WAXON’s product page


After the development was completed, the revamped WAXON site launched in late October 2019. You can view the full site by visiting .

Shortly after launch, WAXON’s founder and CEO, Lexi Miles, commented on the great customer feedback they’d been receiving about the site. WAXON was very happy with their new site and excited about continuing to grow their brand online.

We’re thrilled to have created a site that solved of WAXON’s website pain points and are excited to continue to use Shopify in our e-commerce builds.