Our Build

Like the steps to baking the perfect cookies; we use our refined process to build you a website that reaches your goals.

In each step, your team will have a revision phase to make sure we’re moving in the right direction for you!

A recipe
for success


Before we begin, we’ll discover what success means for you.

We’ll discover what requirements are needed to reach your goals.

Ready to chat about what success means for you? Book a discovery chat with us today!

Strategic Kick Off

Once we’ve defined your goals, we’ll set up a strategy meeting with your entire team and ours. This kick off meeting is a two hour long deep dive into you and your teams’ current pain points, your goals, and your design ambitions.

Mood Board & Sitemap

After understanding the goals of the new site, we’ll build out a high level sitemap and user flow journey to meet these goals.

We’ll also take the findings of the design discovery to give you moodboard options to choose the look, feel, and design direction of your new site.

Learn more about our moodboards and why we love them.

User Flow & Wireframes

Once we have a high level user flow of the site, we’ll really get granular about it, and build out each section of your site in a low fidelity sketch.

By the time wireframes are complete, everyone will have a good idea of how the content will be laid out and how the site will be structured. 

Learn more about what wireframes are and why they are a part of our process.

High Fidelity Designs

Once we have a good idea of how the content will by laid out, the next step is high-fidelity designs. This is where we will create the visual representation of the website, with all the bells and whistles to bring the design together.

Build & Test

Once the visual look and feel of the site is approved, we will build your website with both the front end and the back end to best suit your needs. The site will perfectly match the approved designs, will be built accessibly, and responsively.

When ready, we’ll put the site up on a staging url for a final revision phase before we launch!

Learn more about how we build our sites accessibly.


When the site is approved, we’re ready to launch. We’ll launch the site on your hosting environment and make sure the site is totally search engine optimized!

Learn more about how we make our sites SEO friendly.


All the content on your new site will be completely editable and your site will be able to grow with your needs.

We’ll make sure you and your team learn how to use your new site to take full advantage! We’ll both conduct a hands on training session with your team and build personalized training videos for anything that needs a deeper dive.

Post Launch Support

We have an extremely thorough quality assurance process to make sure our sites are launched at optimum quality, but should you find any bugs in your site up to 30 days after hand off, we will fix them at no additional cost.

Why work
with us

  • We take a detailed approach to building your website and make sure your goals are met every step of the way.
  • We are experts who understand both the technical and business needs of your website.
  • We are a small, tight knit team who communicate well and are easy to get along with.
  • We care about the quality of our work and it shows in our websites and happy clients.

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